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Ein Bild, das Mann, Person, draußen, Hut enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

I am Hanns Selig.

I was born in Hamburg/Germany in 1967.

I started drawing and painting as a teenager.

 I taught myself in arts and got a professional education in sciences.

After my university degree in physics

I worked for many years on aerospace

and fundamental physics research projects

in the beautiful city of Bremen, where I still live.

In these years I developed a strong interest

 for filming. So I bought some equipment and

 started to film and edit several films

 (shortfilms, image films)

Some of them in cooperation with Andreas Gierse.

The wonderful music used in my films

is composed and performed by the excellent

pianist Dagmar Krug.

2020 I started to focus on drawing again.